Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why the Backgammon game influences the players?

The backgammon board is recognized all over the world because of its alternately colored divisions. Some people thought that the board will go out of fashion as soon as different board games will come into the picture. However, the game managed to flourish and has become more popular nowadays.

There is no doubt that backgammon's combination of skill and strategy are the factors that contributed to the popularity of the game. In fact, playing Backgammon is a great method to continue using our brain, acquiring new skills and preventing brain diseases such as Alzheimer. Backgammon is the ultimate race game where the players need to think fast and be cautious with their behavior on the board. When people reach a certain age, their play ability and strategy are deteriorated. This is because of the loss in brain cells. So this game continues to develop the brain activity and make the right connections of neurons so the player can act fast and be wiser.

Another factor which encourages players to participate in the competitions is that, all Backgammon genies participate in, and important prizes are offered for the winners.

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